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December 2017 Specials

Week One – December 5-9, 2017

December 2017 Week 1 Special    Babylock Destiny December 2017 Special

In Store Only – Get 50% Off Slinky and Ruffle Fabric with a minimum purchase of 2 yards.
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Week Two – December 10-16, 2017

December 2017 Week 2 Special

In Store and Online – Christmas Fabrics and Items are 20% Off

Week Three – December 17-23, 2017

December 2017 Week 3 Special Wool     December 2017 Week 3 Special Corduroy

In Store and Online – All Corduroy and Wool Fabrics are 20% Off

Sandscapes Challenge Quilt Fabric Ideas

SandscapeChallenge_ThumbnailThere’s barely a month left in the Artisan Spirit Sandscapes Challenge by Northcott Fabrics. Put the finishing touches on your Sandscapes Challenge quilt and get your entry in place before time runs out. The contest requires a wall hanging that measures no larger than 40″ x 40″. Entry categories include both pieced and applique assembly. Contestants may freely enter either or both categories, but they must have a separate entry for each one. The Northcott website posts the complete rules and requirements for the Sandscapes Challenge .

The Artisan Spirit Sandscapes Collection

Required Fabrics for Your Sandscapes Challenge Quilt

The Artisan Spirit Sandscapes collection must be the primary focus of the Sandscapes Challenge quilt. Only these printed fabrics may be used in its assembly. Every one of the Sandscapes prints has been designed to look like the hand-made paper from Prokritee. This fair-trade company based in Dhaka makes an effort to employ women among their artisans. The unique look of their hand-made paper has inspired an equally unique fabric with a signature blend of texture and depth.

Challenge a Sandscapes of Color and Motion

Show Off Your Creativity!

The design of the Sandscapes prints emphasizes motion within the color of the fabric, resulting in natural-looking swirls and whorls. Like the paper that inspired it, each print shows off the texture of wood grain merged with the flowing motion of a sand dune. The motion lines provide a light contrast to the print that brings out the depth of the imagery. With twelve different palettes to choose from, this fabric offers an excellent chance to show off your flexibility and creativity.

A Marbled Foundation

Give Your Sandscapes Challenge Quilt Texture!

Even if you’re not participating in the Artisan Spirits Sandscapes Challenge, this collection offers an excellent set of coordinating prints for your project of choice. The rich texture perfectly complements the wide array of colors. The fabric retains the flexibility of a solid color and the eye-catching engagement of a print. Designer Deborah Edwards pulls together a set of fabrics that will continue to inspire creativity in quilters and fiber artists for years to come.

Place your order early to get your project finished in time for the contest, and don’t forget to read the official rules from Northcott.








Take a World Tour with Parson Gray

World Tour collection logoGo around the world without leaving the comfort of your own home with World Tour fabric from Parson Gray. In his third collection for Free Spirit Fabrics, designer David Butler took inspiration from popular tour locations around the world. Every print has been rendered with richly muted colors that draw out your creativity and expand your horizon. The collection challenges the quilting and garment making talents of women and men alike to broaden their skills. With both fashion fabric and quilting cottons, David explores a new world of form and texture in World Tour.

Fine Utility Linen

World Tour Linen Is Suitable For Any Garment

Perfect for a tailored shirt, this linen fabric remains supple enough for a flowing skirt. When layered and stitched, it makes a fine Irish scarf for men or women. David Butler explores the contrast of fine lines and crowded images, drawing inspiration from Taipei, Osaka, and Figi. Designed to be as rugged as it is graceful, each print expresses its own message. The linen uses high quality cotton fibers to create a durable and comfortable cloth suitable for any garment.

Fine Utility Canvas

Rugged and durable, the canvas weave in this fabric stand up to every kind of daily use. Even designed to be long lasting, the fabric retains its supple signature. Make a classy moto bag or travel duffle to match your world traveler’s outfit. Bring a hint of subdued elegance to any room with touchable pillow covers. Work with a fabric you can rely on and still love to touch. These prints are expansive and broad, inspired by Cairo, Cyprus, and Dublin.

Quilting and Fashion Cotton

Globally Inspired Prints in the World Tour Collection

Cotton poplin makes more than just quilts. Combine your favorite linen and canvas fabrics with these poplins to make truly durable garments. Express your wildest ideas in fiber art. Mix and match the prints to create a true world tour of color and design. These poplin prints draw inspiration from the variety of curves and lines in Barcelona, Canterbury, Kashmir, Mantova, and Wales.

It’s a big world and it needs big fabrics to fill it.







Olympic Fabrics Capture Spirit of Rio

As the whole world turns to Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympics, we show our Olympic spirit with vibrant Olympic fabrics in colors as bright and energetic as the games themselves.  Drawing inspiration from the athletes of the Games, fabric designers impart new energy and expression into wonderful prints that keep the flame of inspiration burning. Multi-colored birds bring rain forests to vivid life, while explosions of color and pattern light up like the streets of Rio.

Olympic Fabrics That Go Around the World

Riley Blake Designs unifies every nation on Earth with the inspired Our World collection from designer Lori Whitlock. Every print in this Olympic fabrics collection showcases the unity and diversity that embodies the spirit of the 2016 Summer Olympics. From a dazzling display of flags representing the participating nations to coordinating prints featuring colorful rings and slogans, Lori shows her own Olympic spirit. Her multicolored map of the Earth reminds us that we are all truly one people.

The Colors of Brazil

Showing the beauty and diversity of the hosting country of Rio de Janeiro, Greta Lyn’s Viva Brazil! collection for Benartex brings to life the streets of the city with colored prints that pop right off the fabric. From every corner, brightly plumed birds create a riot of motion, leading deeper into the rainforest where they perch among the trees. Inspired by the banners of the festivals, brilliant designs in eye-catching colors practically vibrate with the energy of the country.

Venture Into the Rainforest

The Deleon Design Group reminds us of the peace that will dwell in the rainforest long after the festivity of the Olympic Games has passed. In the Brazilia collection, a proud toucan sits placidly among the muted palette of the rainforest canopy, surrounded by flowers and greenery. wine-cozyCoordinating prints featuring wavy lines and randomly placed dots of color lay down a flexible project foundation.

All of these Olympic fabrics are sturdy cotton poplin, suitable for quilts, crafting projects, and all kinds of garments. Whether you are expressing your own Olympic spirit with a new dress that will rival the plumage of the native birds, or crafting a wine cozy with matching napkins, the energy of Rio lives in these fabrics. Travel through the forest with subdued base prints until you can explode into color and energy within the city proper.

Summer Olympics 2016, here we come!




Deborah Edwards Collections Move A Man About Town

Get busy and go to town with fabric from Northcott Studios by designer Deborah Edwards. Deborah approaches her prints playfully with the Connector Playmat collection, featuring winding roads and a variety of vehicles. She uses pattern and color in her Man About Town collection to spotlight the interaction of tweeds and twills. Tie everything together with the swirls and whorls of the Sandscape collection. With an eye for creating prints that work well together, Deborah Edwards will have you creating a new project in no time at all.

Connector Playmat Collection

BusyTown-freedownloadThe Connector Playmat prints drop you in the middle of a busy town, full of bustling cars and ships. Choose from multiple panel prints, including an airport, a train yard, a dock for boats, and a busy street. Combine the panels to form a giant playmat, perhaps using this official “Busy Town” free pattern download as the basis for your quilt design. Use the coordinating prints in signs and stripes to frame your quilt in an explosion of color. When you’re done, you’ve got a durable playmat you can lay out for hours of play. When your little ones are done, roll them up in the snuggly quilt for nap time.

Man About Town Collection

For a more sedate look, check out the tweed and twill prints of the Man About Town collection. Deborah Edwards knows what it takes to outfit a smart dressed man and recreates the look of traditional garment fabric in durable cotton poplin. Each print shows off the subtle highlighting and shading of the fabric that inspired it. Put them together to make a stylish quilt with a conservative eye for blending colors and patterns.

Sandscapes Collection

The Sandscapes collection uses metallic prints to showcase an array of vibrant colors. Marbleized textures make the perfect coordinating print when combined with solid colors. Every one of these prints can be used by itself or as part of a larger design. Both traditional and modern quilting techniques will benefit from including these intriguing visuals in the pattern. Enhance your current project or start a new one with fresh inspiration.

Whether you are getting busy in town, digging your toes in the sand, or dressing up for a night about town, Deborah Edwards’ collections from Northcott Studios has the fabric you need. Get started with a free quilt pattern for a handy playmat, or dive in deep with inspiration of your own. Your next new project is just around the corner.


Downton Abbey Summer Fete Quilt

Embrace summer with a quilting project inspired by the PBS drama “Downton Abbey”. There’s no better way to relax during the heat of the day than to binge-watch your favorite episodes and quietly work on your quilt. The “Summer Fete” design was commissioned from Paper Pieces by Andover Fabrics to showcase their line of licensed Downton Abbey prints.

Paper Pieces Summer Fete quiltThe Downstairs Collection shows off muted colors and delicate designs in varied palettes of blue, green, and red. Each print uses basic shapes to add texture and depth to a basic color scheme. The “Swirl” print adds a hint of motion to the image with attractive curves. “Dots and Circles” lays out these shapes in an orderly manner.

The “Floral” print uses a dash of color to draw your eye to the fabric. “Stripes and Dots” emphasizes the color and motion of the print. “Stripes and Circles” turns things a little sideways with its array of shapes meant to highlight the feel of your project.

The Downton Abbey Downstairs collection works well as a replacement for solid colors and coordinating prints in any project. Layer the subtle shapes of these prints to break up the visuals of your design and add some depth or texture to your project. Match the muted colors with bolder designs to bring out the print or simply pair them together for a quiet, soothing look.

“Summer Fete” Inspired by Downton Abbey

The “Summer Fete” quilt pattern from Paper Pieces highlights the colors and shapes of the Downstairs prints in a way that works well together. Best of all, it’s absolutely free! The finished project measures 36″ x 36″ and pairs the red, blue, and green colors with a base print that shows off the quilt pattern. When you put it all together, the Downstairs collection creates a soothing quilt that makes an amazing summer project.

large dresdenThe center of the quilt uses large dresdens to form an attractive centerpiece that catches the eye. Each corner of the quilt features a small dresden anchored in a matching or complementary color. Squares and triangles surround the central design to break up the visuals. The free pattern includes complete printing, cutting, and stitching instructions.

cutting instructionsEverything you need for a quick summer project is right here. Pick out the fabrics that call to you, pop up your favorite episodes of Downton Abbey on the television, and settle in for a relaxing summer of quilting.

Sisters of Downton Abbey Quilt

Set the scene for your favorite character with a quilting project you can personalize and express your love for the Sisters of Downton Abbey. Designed by Chris Hoover of Whirligig Designs, this engaging quilt pattern was commissioned by Andover Fabrics to highlight the licensed fabric in their Downton Abbey Women’s and Characters Collections. The familiar and comfortable layout of the fabric lets you use the colors and prints you choose from Let’s Sew to create a project that is worthy of your chosen character.

Downton Abbey-Sisters Mary_pic0002The base fabric of the quilt comes from the Logos and Labels Collection, available at Let’s Sew, displaying an image of the abbey along with the title. Several prints allow you to change the look and feel of the quilt to better reflect your personality. A strong central design offers multiple variations to characterize each of the ladies of the abbey.

The Downton Abbey ladies each have a set of prints that reflect their own personality and charm. The Dowager’s prints are bold and strong. Lady Edith’s collection uses pastel colors and complicated images. Lady Mary’s prints are straightforward and dynamic.

Put them all together for a project that expresses your love of Downton Abbey and speaks volumes about your favorite character. With a wide range of color and texture from which to choose, you have an endless array of possibilities at your fingertips. Choose your favorite delicate prints of light colors, or go dark and heavy with solid images and strong colors.

“Sisters of Downton Abbey” Quilt Inspired by the Show

Designer Chris Hoover uses the strong central image of a star as the visual focus of this quilt and its absolutely free pattern. With generous portions of setting space and relying on only eight prints, this quilt makes an excellent platform for reflecting your own feelings and expressing yourself. The finished project measures 52″ x 52″, making a comfortable throw for your living room or lap cover.

center blockThe quilt design emphasizes your choice of color and pattern.  Rather than relying on complex technique beginning and intermediate sewists can approach this project with confidence in their own skills. The absolutely free “Sister Mary” pattern also includes 4 additional patterns that are unmistakeably Downton.

layered trianglesThe straight lines and bold central design of this quilt makes it an excellent starting point for new quilters. Choose your favorite fabrics to reflect your own personality and make this quilt a true expression of yourself.

“Cleopatra’s Palace” Egyptian Quilt by Downton Abbey

Commissioned by Andover Fabric to highlight the Egyptian Collection from their Downton Abbey line, this impressive quilt features elegant flowers and powerful columns inside a bold border. Designer Heidi Pridemore uses subtle contrasts to combine the foreign with the familiar.  Evoke a touch of the exotic and challenge yourself with this quilting project from Paper Pieces.

Downton Abbey - The Egyptian Collection-Cleopatras Palace_pic0003The Egyptian Collection paints a visually intriguing design of ancient Middle East in modern fabric that just begs to become part of your next project. Striking prints use impressive images and strong contrast to capture the eye. Unforgettable lines leave a strong impression on the viewer for a memorable addition.

The “Cartouche” print evokes the imagery of Egyptian architecture with traditional shapes and color schemes. The “Lotus” and “Lotus Stripe” prints highlight an exotic floral theme that captures the imagination. The “Glyph Vine” and “Reed Maze” prints lead the viewer along a journey in fabric with engaging visuals.

The collection also features two strong coordinating prints to help you anchor the powerful images of the primary designs. The “Nile Maiden” print uses low contrast colors to paint a subtle portrait in fabric. The images of the “Hieroglyphics” print are small enough to blend into the background and provide a complementary color without overpowering your main focus.

“Cleopatra’s Palace” Egyptian Quilt Inspired by Downton Abbey

Designer Heidi Pridemore dives into the waters of Ancient Egypt to bring you a quilt inspired by licensed Downton Abbey fabrics. This pattern is absolutely free, commissioned by Andover Fabric to inspire your own designs and express your love of quilting. The finished quilt measures 67″ x 83″, perfect for snuggling while you watch your favorite episodes of Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey - The Egyptian Collection-Cleopatras Palace_pic0003The pattern focuses on three strong columns with a dynamic visual that draws the eye to the prints of the fabric. Egyptian lotus flowers adorn the space between the columns, leaving plenty of space to relax and enjoy the exotic colors and images.  A strong border runs around the design, bounding the columns and giving the whole project a completed feel.

134-A-7618-NAncient Egypt fascinated the characters and world of Downton Abbey, as it continues to capture our imagination today. Draw inspiration from these powerful images and iconic prints to create a personalized quilt that expresses your own inner mystery.


Evolution and Ovation Special Offer

The Koala Studios serger station has a built in area to hold your thread cones. Receive one for FREE when you purchase a Baby Lock USA Evolution or Ovation this month! Don’t wait on this super Serger summer bundle! During the month of June when you purchase the Baby Lock Evolution Serger or Ovation Serger you receive a Koala Serger Station,  MSRP $1599! Offer valid from 6/1/16-6/30/16. For more information visit the showroom at Let’s Sew today!

evolution ovation offer

Romp Through Spring

Anna Griffin spring sproing fifiSpring is as much a state of mind as a season. Everything is green and growing again, popping into bloom and exploding in burst of pollen. Your pets have been cooped up all  winter, suffering through the ice and snow for the chance to charge freely into the open grass. In their mind, every day of nice weather is a the chance to embrace the new season with energetic abandon. We agree! That’s why through May 24, 2016 we’re taking 10% off selected Anna Griffin fabrics, so you can fashion a new look suitable for all the glory of spring time.

anna-griffin-collection-fifiThe pets come out to play with the Fifi & Fido collection, a rambunctious assortment of cats and dogs that remind us how fabric makes our life fun. Small kittens chase yarn across the Cats print. Dalmations, dachshunds, and others watch sedately from the Dogs design. Put them together with Cats & Dogs to engage your imagination. Coordinating prints make their presence known with colorful designs like the flowers of Wavy and Jonquil. Base colors in Dots and Furry lay down a subtle and attractive palette. Strong prints like Herringbone, Houndstooth, and Plaid put a dynamic finish on your project. Every design comes in fresh, beautiful colors meant to put a smile on your face.

A Spring Romper For Your Romper

CC Abbie 229This versatile pants outfit from Children’s Corner can be made with three different sleeve lengths for girls of any size. Make the durable top from your favorite printed fabric; it opens down the left hand side to keep the front design intact with no fussy cutting. A row of buttons across the front of the garment close the top securely. The lining ensures a comfortable fit and long-lasting wear. Make the pants from a contrasting fabric for an eye-catching look; the pull-on style is banded in elastic at the waist to make dressing easy. These comfortable pants can be made in both a cropped length and an ankle length.

Show the world your fun side and celebrate a spring season that is here to stay. Beautiful fabrics and comfortable designs will have you and your pet springing through the meadow under sunny skies in no time at all. Spring isn’t just around the corner any more. Spring is here to stay.