Intro to Sewing (Beginners) -Closed

Intro to Sewing class apron


Interested in learning (or re-learning if it’s been awhile!) how to sew? Join us in our Intro to Sewing class to learn the basics of sewing.

This class will go over getting comfortable at a sewing machine – it’s not as scary as it looks, we promise! – basic stitches and seams. You’ll also learn correct pressing and pinning techniques.

Kits are provided, which is our way of saying everything you need to create a skirt apron (pictured above) will be here waiting for you. Our sewing classroom is stocked with Baby Lock sewing machines, cutting mats, rotary cutters and irons to make this intro course fun and easy.

Why create a skirt apron? We chose this project because the gingham (checkered) fabric gives you good, built-in guidelines to help you sew a straight seam. The skirt apron pattern also uses simple sewing techniques and seams that you’ll be able to use and build on for future projects.

Note: Our store is a FRAGRANCE-FREE zone. Please be courteous of other students and staff when attending class and do not use fragrances. Thank you!

DATE: September 13, 2017

TIME: 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

COST: $35