Pick up in store how to

This is a step by step guide on how to get the pick up in store option to show when placing orders.

Step 1: This is the first part of being in the cart. You will start on checkout method. You DO NOT have to make an account, you can certainly checkout as a guest, which for demonstration purposes, we did.

Click on continue

Step 2: You will need to provide all of the Red Asterisk field informations as shown in this image. For demonstration purposes we used our store address and telephone number. MAKE SURE ZIP CODE IS ONLY THE 5 DIGITS AND NOTHING ELSE

Step 2a: You can have the “ship to this address” checked and then click continue (will be in the bottom right area below the ship to different address)

Step 3 (Not shown): If you chose ship to different address you are taken to shipping information. This is NOT where you choose the pickup in store option. That is in the next step.

Step 4 (Not Shown): If you have a discount code, you would enter it here and click continue

Step 5: Shipping Method is where the pickup in store option is shown and selected.

Step 5a: We have gotten some calls that the option is still not showing. We only offer pickup in store to a 120 mile radius from the store. Again: MAKE SURE THE ZIP CODE YOU PUT IN IS ONLY THE 5 DIGITS AND NOTHING ELSE

Step 6 (Not Shown): Payment information – All of our online purchases run through PayPal. You will be taken to their site to submit payment. There is a checkout as guest option on their site where you can enter your card information

Step 7: Finishing your order – You will be taken back to our website from PayPal. You Must click on Place Order to submit your order.

If you still have any questions, Please contact us and we will help you. Thank you!