Sewing Quick Tips! – May 2nd, 2014

Hello! We here at Let’s Sew enjoy spreading the fun and constructive experience that is sewing. It’s why we offer classes for any skill level – and some for age levels too! But there are simple, quick, easy DIYs tricks we can share that’ll make your everyday lighter!

Today, the tip is Button Management and Maintenance with a anti-fray fabric sealant, like Fray√Check™!


If you have a store-bought garment with buttons, especially two or four hole buttons sewn on with threads, having them get loose or fall off is a pain, right? Right.

Importantly First: Test your sealant out on an inconspicuous spot on the garment. Fray√Check is a plastic/liquid solution, and doesn’t discolor, darken, or otherwise noticeably stain most fabrics. But its always a safe bet to try it out on yours first in a place that won’t show, in case the fabric you have doesn’t make it into the ‘most fabrics’ group.

With your Fray√Check (or comparable sealant), first resew the button to re-tighten it to the garment if it has come loose. Then apply a dab of sealant onto the other side of the fabric where the button thread is tightened and let dry. The seal will hold the thread in place and resist wear, friction, and even washing! Now that button’s stuck there, despite its rebellious nature.

That’s all for this time. Remember to test it out first (can’t stress that enough!), and always remember to keep on sewing!