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25% off MSRP on Lyric + Boy Scout fabric is here!


Save 25% off MSRP on the Baby Lock Lyric this week!

This week only, receive 25% off MSRP on the Baby Lock Lyric machine.

The Lyric is the perfect sewing and quilting machine to start your new year off right. It has 250 built-in stitches and comes with a quilting extension table! Check out all the details about the Baby Lock Lyric in the PDF brochure below and then stop in to test one out today.

“Modern Scouting” has arrived!

“Modern Scouting” by Riley Blake Designs and the Boy Scouts of America is the perfect collection for your young scout. It highlights everything from the thrill of a campsite to tying new knots and taking treks through the great outdoors.

The pre-printed banner would be a playful addition to any scout’s room and the panel would make creating a handy drawstring bag or quilt easy.

Get your piece of this collection today! Shop online at http://www.letssew.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=scout


New Baby Lock Sewing Machines: Destiny II and Jazz

New sewing machines from Baby Lock were announced this month! Have you checked them out yet? Whether you’re in the market for a new sewing machine or just interested in what the latest technology looks like, you can find either one at Let’s Sew.

Baby Lock Destiny II sewing machines

New Sewing Machines: Destiny II

Before you read on, we want you to know that the Destiny II comes with a 9-1/2″ X 9-1/2″ hoop! That hoop size has been heavily requested by our customers in the past. As a result of the  Destiny II being released, it’s finally available! Whoohoo!

How is the Destiny II sewing machine different than the Destiny I?

This is probably the main question being asked on Baby Lock’s social media pages. The biggest difference is that the Destiny II includes a few features that don’t come standard on the Destiny (read on for information about the Destiny I update).

Here is Baby Lock’s official response from their Facebook page: “The Destiny II has 20 new embroidery designs, 9.5″x9.5″ hoop and new IQ designer features. It highlights the key features found on the current Destiny. To learn more about the Destiny II and the features: http://babylock.com/pdf/Destiny2.pdf…”

What We’re Excited About Most

That 9-1/2″ X 9-1/2″ hoop! Kidding, sort of. As we said before, the 9-1/2″ X 9-1/2″ hoop size has been in demand from our customers for a few months. We actually brought the lack of that size being available to the attention of the president of Baby Lock, so we are definitely glad to see it as part of this new sewing machine and upgrade package. Yet another instance of this wonderful, family-owned sewing machine company truly listening to its customers.

In addition to the convenient new hoop, we’re really excited to see the color sorting option. You can now set thread colors for a design and stitch out multiple areas at one time. Check out this nine minute video for a demo of all the new features:

Upgrade Available

If you already have a Destiny sewing and embroidery machine, an upgrade is available that will include all the new features plus the new 9-1/2″ X 9-1/2″ hoop! We are currently taking pre-orders for the upgrade.

New Sewing Machines: Baby Lock Jazz

Baby Lock Jazz sewing machines

First of all, this machine has a great overall look. It’s a classic looking sewing machine with an easy threading guide and a large work space. In addition to that, the Baby Lock Jazz sewing and quilting machine helps make quilting easier with several features previously found only on sewing machines in a higher price range.

A full 12″ of work space lets you work on large quilts with less frustration with the Baby Lock Jazz. The area in between the body of the machine and the needle is perfect for rolled up quilts.

Baby Lock Jazz sewing machines knee lift

Check out the rest of this machine’s jazzy sewing and quilting features in this video.

What We’re Excited About Most:

The price. Baby Lock has priced the Jazz at $1,299 MSRP. That’s a lot of sewing machine for a little amount of money, and doesn’t take into account special promotions or bundles that we may have throughout the season!

Price is especially relevant when you think about all the features the machine includes compared to other sewing machines in its price range. While keeping the price economical, the Baby Lock Jazz sewing machine keeps up in features with some of the higher priced models. As a result, it has already been one of our most asked about new sewing machines.


These two, new sewing machines will be arriving soon! If you would like to pre-order the Destiny II, the upgrade for the Destiny I or the Jazz, please call or visit us during normal business hours.

Stop back by tomorrow for more information on two more new machines from Baby Lock: the Presto and the Coronet!

















Sewing Machine Repair

Let’s Sew offers sewing machine repair! Have you ever wondered what the inside of your sewing machine looks like? Take a look!


A Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold II being serviced and repaired at Let’s Sew

Sewing machine repair and maintenance offers an excellent opportunity to take a glimpse inside a sewing machine.

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