Vi’s Dog-gone Sewing, part 2

The long-overdue sequel! Last we checked with Viola Smith, she’d been very successful hand-making fashionable clothing for dogs. Her local success, however, was about to expand dramatically.

Vi told about one night when returning from her shift at the Mt. Carmel McDonald’s, she got an odd late-night call. The woman on the phone was an estranged daughter from his former marriage, whom he had not been able to communicate with since his divorce when she was much younger. She was trying to find him to get in touch and renew their relationship, which ended up with Vi and her husband traveling to Palm Springs, CA to meet her.

While getting to know her, they found she worked in dog training catering to the wealthy and famous in nearby Los Angeles. This ended up included connections with Bloomingdales, the upscale department store. Vi had a chance to showcase her talents and fashionable dogwear. Vi was then offered an exclusive contract with Bloomingdales to create clothing for their dog mascots. So now aside from her extremely successful craft show and Etsy business, she’s now flown around the country each year for special dog fashion shows, where her talent is put on stage for everyone to see.

Hers is a fascinating tale, living the dream where she discovers a hobby that becomes a successful full-time career. You can find Viola Smith at