Vi’s Dog-gone Sewing

Viola Smith is a regular customer here at Let’s Sew: she is a sewist with a Degree in Fashion Design with minors in Photography and Business. She fills her time each day making some of the fanciest, dressiest clothes imaginable. The only catch is, they don’t come in your size. Trust me.

Viola makes clothes for dogs, from dresses to collars to sweaters and more. She travels all over the country for festivals, trade, and craft shows. When she isn’t traveling she’s busy sewing from dawn to dusk 7 days a week. Her little ebusiness on Etsy keeps her constantly busy, and she loves every minute of it.

It all started when a poodle she had got a short haircut during while it was cold out, so she made a coat for it to wear. Not only did it work well and fit nicely, it was a big hit with everyone around her. Things would later take a sudden and dramatic turn, ending with her faced with a once in a lifetime opportunity. Stay tuned for more!

You can find Viola at