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Featured Fabric at Let's Sew

Downton Abbey fabric!

downton abbey collection1 …and much more at www.letssew.com!


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Downton Abbey Summer Fete Quilt

Embrace summer with a quilting project inspired by the PBS drama “Downton Abbey”. There’s no better way to relax during the heat of the day than to binge-watch your favorite episodes and quietly work on your quilt. The “Summer Fete” design was commissioned from Paper Pieces by Andover Fabrics to showcase their line of licensed Downton Abbey prints.

Paper Pieces Summer Fete quiltThe Downstairs Collection shows off muted colors and delicate designs in varied palettes of blue, green, and red. Each print uses basic shapes to add texture and depth to a basic color scheme. The “Swirl” print adds a hint of motion to the image with attractive curves. “Dots and Circles” lays out these shapes in an orderly manner.

The “Floral” print uses a dash of color to draw your eye to the fabric. “Stripes and Dots” emphasizes the color and motion of the print. “Stripes and Circles” turns things a little sideways with its array of shapes meant to highlight the feel of your project.

The Downton Abbey Downstairs collection works well as a replacement for solid colors and coordinating prints in any project. Layer the subtle shapes of these prints to break up the visuals of your design and add some depth or texture to your project. Match the muted colors with bolder designs to bring out the print or simply pair them together for a quiet, soothing look.

“Summer Fete” Inspired by Downton Abbey

The “Summer Fete” quilt pattern from Paper Pieces highlights the colors and shapes of the Downstairs prints in a way that works well together. Best of all, it’s absolutely free! The finished project measures 36″ x 36″ and pairs the red, blue, and green colors with a base print that shows off the quilt pattern. When you put it all together, the Downstairs collection creates a soothing quilt that makes an amazing summer project.

large dresdenThe center of the quilt uses large dresdens to form an attractive centerpiece that catches the eye. Each corner of the quilt features a small dresden anchored in a matching or complementary color. Squares and triangles surround the central design to break up the visuals. The free pattern includes complete printing, cutting, and stitching instructions.

cutting instructionsEverything you need for a quick summer project is right here. Pick out the fabrics that call to you, pop up your favorite episodes of Downton Abbey on the television, and settle in for a relaxing summer of quilting.

Sisters of Downton Abbey Quilt

Set the scene for your favorite character with a quilting project you can personalize and express your love for the Sisters of Downton Abbey. Designed by Chris Hoover of Whirligig Designs, this engaging quilt pattern was commissioned by Andover Fabrics to highlight the licensed fabric in their Downton Abbey Women’s and Characters Collections. The familiar and comfortable layout of the fabric lets you use the colors and prints you choose from Let’s Sew to create a project that is worthy of your chosen character.

Downton Abbey-Sisters Mary_pic0002The base fabric of the quilt comes from the Logos and Labels Collection, available at Let’s Sew, displaying an image of the abbey along with the title. Several prints allow you to change the look and feel of the quilt to better reflect your personality. A strong central design offers multiple variations to characterize each of the ladies of the abbey.

The Downton Abbey ladies each have a set of prints that reflect their own personality and charm. The Dowager’s prints are bold and strong. Lady Edith’s collection uses pastel colors and complicated images. Lady Mary’s prints are straightforward and dynamic.

Put them all together for a project that expresses your love of Downton Abbey and speaks volumes about your favorite character. With a wide range of color and texture from which to choose, you have an endless array of possibilities at your fingertips. Choose your favorite delicate prints of light colors, or go dark and heavy with solid images and strong colors.

“Sisters of Downton Abbey” Quilt Inspired by the Show

Designer Chris Hoover uses the strong central image of a star as the visual focus of this quilt and its absolutely free pattern. With generous portions of setting space and relying on only eight prints, this quilt makes an excellent platform for reflecting your own feelings and expressing yourself. The finished project measures 52″ x 52″, making a comfortable throw for your living room or lap cover.

center blockThe quilt design emphasizes your choice of color and pattern.  Rather than relying on complex technique beginning and intermediate sewists can approach this project with confidence in their own skills. The absolutely free “Sister Mary” pattern also includes 4 additional patterns that are unmistakeably Downton.

layered trianglesThe straight lines and bold central design of this quilt makes it an excellent starting point for new quilters. Choose your favorite fabrics to reflect your own personality and make this quilt a true expression of yourself.

“Cleopatra’s Palace” Egyptian Quilt by Downton Abbey

Commissioned by Andover Fabric to highlight the Egyptian Collection from their Downton Abbey line, this impressive quilt features elegant flowers and powerful columns inside a bold border. Designer Heidi Pridemore uses subtle contrasts to combine the foreign with the familiar.  Evoke a touch of the exotic and challenge yourself with this quilting project from Paper Pieces.

Downton Abbey - The Egyptian Collection-Cleopatras Palace_pic0003The Egyptian Collection paints a visually intriguing design of ancient Middle East in modern fabric that just begs to become part of your next project. Striking prints use impressive images and strong contrast to capture the eye. Unforgettable lines leave a strong impression on the viewer for a memorable addition.

The “Cartouche” print evokes the imagery of Egyptian architecture with traditional shapes and color schemes. The “Lotus” and “Lotus Stripe” prints highlight an exotic floral theme that captures the imagination. The “Glyph Vine” and “Reed Maze” prints lead the viewer along a journey in fabric with engaging visuals.

The collection also features two strong coordinating prints to help you anchor the powerful images of the primary designs. The “Nile Maiden” print uses low contrast colors to paint a subtle portrait in fabric. The images of the “Hieroglyphics” print are small enough to blend into the background and provide a complementary color without overpowering your main focus.

“Cleopatra’s Palace” Egyptian Quilt Inspired by Downton Abbey

Designer Heidi Pridemore dives into the waters of Ancient Egypt to bring you a quilt inspired by licensed Downton Abbey fabrics. This pattern is absolutely free, commissioned by Andover Fabric to inspire your own designs and express your love of quilting. The finished quilt measures 67″ x 83″, perfect for snuggling while you watch your favorite episodes of Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey - The Egyptian Collection-Cleopatras Palace_pic0003The pattern focuses on three strong columns with a dynamic visual that draws the eye to the prints of the fabric. Egyptian lotus flowers adorn the space between the columns, leaving plenty of space to relax and enjoy the exotic colors and images.  A strong border runs around the design, bounding the columns and giving the whole project a completed feel.

134-A-7618-NAncient Egypt fascinated the characters and world of Downton Abbey, as it continues to capture our imagination today. Draw inspiration from these powerful images and iconic prints to create a personalized quilt that expresses your own inner mystery.


Jennifer’s Downton Abbey Dress *squeel*

Jennifer's completed Downton Abbey dress.A few weeks ago, Jennifer came into the shop and announced she was making a dress.

An Edwardian-style dress.

A Downton Abbey dress. 

Yeah, you could say we were a little excited for her. Continue reading